Thank you to those who attended and worked so hard to bring the Christmas Dinner to a success. We had a ball with the elections, presentations, and raffle. Welcome to all of the new officers and board members and great thanks to those faithful workers for another year’s commitment.

In the last three years I have attended AHA conventions in Wisconsin, Alaska, and Texas. I was and am amazed with the hundreds of dedicated people working hard all over this country and Canada. I am also impressed with how members of our own club strive to improve on all aspects of the Arabian breed and Association. Its image, the rules and regulations, the breeding, the grass level shows, these are all areas where we can have an impact. I know our industry is bound for a new growth and a new boom in the years to come and I am excited about it!

My guess is that you feel as I do, and that we have a great product in the Arabian horse. Their athletic ability, overall sense and sensibility, versatility, kindness, loyalty, and huge “fun factor.” These are the traits that set the Arabian horse apart from all others.

Just within our own club membership…the Arabian has proved it can be a top-level police horse, top-level dressage horse, top-level trail horse, top-level reining horse, top-long distance endurance horse, top-level race horse , top-level first horse and babysitter, and most importantly a top-level companion and friend.

So how can we be of service to the Arabian horse? January 17th will be our first board AND membership meeting. I would like to invite you all to attend. We have to have a dream to make a dream come true….so what is your dream for the club?? More educational programs? Trail rides? Social events? Love to hear your ideas and see you all there.