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Hi All,

After serving as Vice President for five years, Cheryl Goodheim is resigning so we are in need of a new VP.  If you are interested in serving in this position would you please call Darlene Hopkins at 760-535-9293 or email her at  We are also looking for a Horse of The Year so if  you think your horse qualifies, write a short article telling us why and send it to me at  The last two awards that are given out at our Christmas party are the Annie Award, which is given to a person who spends lots of time with their horse just doing little things like brushing, walking, or just spending time hanging out with them.  So if you know someone that fits this bill let us know.  We also are looking for a Member of The Year, so again if you know someone who fits in that category let us know.

PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS for December 8th.  We will be having our annual Christmas Dinner Potluck.  More on that later, but I know there  were some people that couldn’t come last year because I didn’t get the word out early enough.  I would be happy to take your reservations now if  you want to book the date.

Mimi Gaffey


Horse owners should read this about animal evacuations

The staff of the Del Mar Fairgrounds would like to assist stable owners and managers, trainers and owners of horses with evacuation plans in the event of a firestorm or other disaster.

Before your horses leave your home or stables, please:
* Make sure they have halters, lead ropes and water buckets.
* Make sure the horses are identified.  If your horse does not have its name on its halter,  put duct tape on it with its name and your phone number. 
* If you have time, please load some hay on your trailers. 
* Pack general first aid supplies, such as bandaging materials and medicine.
When you arrive at the fairgrounds, the driver of each vehicle hauling horses will be given a form to fill out for each horse. This form may be downloaded at in case you wish to fill it out before your horses are evacuated.
In the event of an evacuation, please call 858-755-1161 for information.  You will be prompted to enter #1 to reach the Stable Office.



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