Tierra Del Norte Arabian Horse Association

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PRESIDENT:           Theresa Oakley     
VICE PRESIDENT:  Jennifer Bishop

SECRETARY:          Susan Barber              

TREASURER:          Mimi Gaffey           




Dave Murphy  


Tim Zaleschuk 


Heidi Helly


Darcy Edwards 


Charee Jerrold-Jones



A Non-Profit Organization

Our mission is to educate the public about the Arabian horse’s diverse capabilities to compete in a wide range of equestrian disciplines. TDNAHA is committed to providing information to the public, potential new horse owners and riders in all areas of the equestrian world. We promote humane care of horses, training, and general horsemanship for all. In addition, TDNAHA supports many charities.


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Advanced registration is strongly encouraged! Register by May 2nd and receive one FREE raffle ticket for EACH CLASS entered!!



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